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Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

We are a family run business in northern Vermont. It all started ten years ago with just fifty trees tapped and a propane burner on the back porch to boil the sap. As the Witmer boys grew so did their interest in sugaring. By 2019 we were tapping a total of six hundred trees. On an average it takes forty gallons of sap to make just ONE gallon of maple syrup. That's a lot of boiling! When the steam starts rolling from the sugar houses then we Vermonter's know that spring IS coming our way.

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Plastic Jugs

From 100 ml up to One Gallon, we offer a wide selection. From party/wedding favor size on up to a full year's supply.

Glass Jars

Our glass jars, filled with our premium Vermont Maple Syrup, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Certain to match your gift giving needs.

Maple Sugar and Cream

We offer maple sugar and we also offer our maple cream in two sizes.

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